This debut EP is a collection of Stoner/Psychedelic Rock tracks inspired by psychedelic experiences in outback desert towns and cloud forest villages in Mexico. An EP that keeps getting better song after song. OUT NOW! (RD: 29/07/22)

El Peyote is a new project created by solo artist Joe Yapp, a man who has spent many years traveling the world and who draws inspiration from the Australian Outback and Sonoran Desert in Mexico! Not only that, but also he’s been part of some of the ancestral ceremonies that take place in such places.

After ingesting the sacred plant (Peyote, an hallucinogenic cacti native to Mexico used in religious ceremonies to communicate with the “great spirit” and to heal oneself) Joe went through what we might call “Spiritual Awakening” and so, this EP is the culmination of all of his visions and experience.

El Peyote is project with a lot of Stoner/Desert Rock sounds inspired by bands like Kyuss, QOTSA, and Yawning Man. You can expect heavy/fuzzy basses, wailing guitars, and tight drums with a mean punch. Completely instrumental, this EP blasts away right from the start and continues to lead us into the depths of the Sonoran desert and its powerful energies.

Starting with “We Have Lift Off”, Joe aims to musicalize the moment of being spiked with hash after talking to the locals in the San Jose mountain. The EP immediately throws at us a pumped up sound with hyped intentions, trying to convey the exact moment when the drug was kicking in on Joe’s way back to the hostel.

By the way, all of the instruments were recorded by Joe himself at a farm in Dorset UK, which, according to Joe, was no easy feat, as cows mooing and passing tractors kept bleeding into the recordings, forcing the artist to retake several times.

“Foot To The Floor”, and “Hyperdrive”, share equal energies with the opening track. Molting basses and shredding guitar riffs color the sonic landscape with lots of skill and third eye vision. Track 4, “Spiritual Awakening” takes us into a literal walk across the Sonoran desert, as a woman Xaman chants to the Earth spirit. Right after that, Joe plays a sick ass riff that sets the foundation of the track.

There’s lots to the discovered and appreciated in El Peyote’s debut EP; like the melting bass in “Cabrón”, a track about a man who is hiding something and can’t be trusted; but we’ll let you discover it by yourselves. Don’t forget to pre-order the track if you like what you hear!

Expect to be taken on a sonic journey with “El Peyote” Experience the rush from high energy tracks like “Foot to the Floor” burning down the desert highway then unwind with mellow psychedelic jams like “Celestial Illusions” a song inspired by watching the sun set over the scrublands in Oaxaca.

– El Peyote

“El Peyote” was recorded in “The Shred Shack” on a farm in Dorset South England, then mixed and mastered by Domenic Maggi at Caldwell House Studios USA.

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