LxstBxy – “Good Memories / Bad People”

If you enjoy emo, trap, and hip-hop, this EP is a must-hear. Dealing with toxic relationships and falling apart from friends is always tough, but “Good Memories / Bad People” can help to deal with such. Or maybe just to enjoy a couple of fire beats! LISTEN NOW!

Hello, hello everybody. Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, once again delivering fresh new music to your ears. How have y’all been? Have you enjoyed the tunes so far? I know I have! Today, we have a very tight production by a brand new artist who goes by the name LxstBxy. Let’s get to it!

All the way from Seattle, USA, this young hip-hop artist uses music to deal with heavy emotions. His music goes from the subtle, chilled ambiences of Lo-Fi hip-hop, to the bouncing 808’s and frantic rhythms of trap. This project is all about emotion, and you better be ready to get them feels.

“Good Memories / Bad People” is LxstBxy’s latest release, and it is a reflection on past friendships/relationships. From heartbreak, to toxic friends, to dealing with his own mental & physical health, LxstBxy took all of these experiences and turned them into a beautiful work of music.

Sonically, the EP is all that you’d expect from the emo-trap / lo-fi hip-hop genre: Subtle underwater melodies, fresh sounding samples, deep kicks and bass, and the harmonic qualities of Neo-Soul and R&B. LxstBxy’s voice is soft, almost tender, with lots of nostalgic melodies that hit the melancholic realm. The tracks are really smooth and relaxed, with lyrics that are open, honest and vulnerable.

LxstBxy was kind enough to send us a little insight into each track, I’ll leave it for you below:

Stereo is about an old friendship that I had, and after it fell apart, he continued to try and talk to me and other people kept talking to me about him, which wasn’t fun at all.

Winter is about a friend whom I Had to tell that her boyfriend was cheating on her, which caused a rift between us because I ruined something that she valued by letting her know the truth. Even if it was good for her, it hurt her.

I’ve been dreaming about a ghost is about a friend who I had a really bad falling out with, and since then I still have nightmares about the night it happened. She is sort of a “Ghost” in my head, so to speak

Mr. DeadEnd is about the aftermath of selfharm on the mind & body. It’s not the same sort of relationship as the other songs, but It’s a relationship of sorts regardless.

Roleplay is probably my favourite song on the EP. And it’s about two friends who are both acting different than who they really are to maintain the friendship, even though it’s toxic to the both of them.

Overall the EP is a very chilled musical experience, even if the themes are a little heavy! But LxstBxy did a pretty good work balancing out his emotions with the music. And he also mixed the tracks himself, which, you know, is always a plus! He also added some cool sound FXs to the beginning and end of each track, which add a lot of content, and glue the EP as a whole.

I really hope to hear more from this guy soon, I think his music could help people in need. After all, we’re all human, and we all feel! For now, we’ve already have a full EP for us to drown our sorrows in, or just relax and feel the vibe! LISTEN NOW!

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