AA-Legrand “Pacific EP”

It’s New Music Friday once again, and there’s no better time than today to introduce a beautiful new release. This particular one feels both fresh and timeless, created with love by a bright and promising Germany-based artistic mind.

The person in question is Simeon Loth, an artist who has been part of Berlin’s indie folk scene for year, doing everything from playing in bands to recording for other artists. Simeon Loth started writing his own music back in 2019, and that was also when the man created his musical alias – AA-Legrand. This name carries two meanings: the letter A marks the beginnings with its placement as the first letter in the Latin Alphabet, and Legrand is the Big Unknown into which we all move in forward. The alias bridges indie folk sounds with soft downtempo electronic influences, forming music where the likes of Bon Iver go hand-in-hand with Apparat and James Blake.

AA-Legrand’s new release is a perfect manifestation of this electronica-sprinkled indie folk sound. It’s also the point when the artist found his sound. Simeon had dabbled in sounds since 2012, exploring things and, as he admitted, “aimlessly messing around”. That was until May 1st in 2019 spent creating the final version of “Shade of a Giant”, when everything started making sense and he found his musical course. With this, his debut release was born.

So, the release is called “Pacific”and it’s an EP home to 3 beautiful gentle songs, including the aforementioned “Shade of a Giant“. In fact that song begins the EP and introduces us to the layered soothing sound of reverberant guitar melodies, carefully sculpted instrumental progressions and splendid vocals. “Slow Sleep Fall” is a comforting warm song set to sway and soothe the listener with its sound that feels like being indoors covered by duvet while it’s cold outside. At the same time it paints a delicate imagery of a landscape. The EP ends with shimmery guitar tones and vocal slices in “All Your Love“, a dreamy song flowing on sustained notes held by the bass and his voice, building up a wonderful foggy atmosphere.

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