This EP is an exciting and powerful collage of songs that go from Pop to Rock, and even Tropical House! “222” is all about empowerment and self-love, and it is the debut for this talented artist’s new and refreshed sound. OUT NOW! (RD: 05/08/22)

Hello everybody and welcome back! It’s your boii MadZen and today we will talk about this upcoming EP! But first of all, I hope you’re all well, happy, and thriving in this new week. Now, onto the music!

Let me introduce to you this Surrey, UK artist, Hannah Dorman. A girl with lots and lots of talent who has been making and releasing music for over 10 years, honing her skills and growing a loyal fan base along the way. In 2017 her cover of “Human” was discovered in a Spotify playlist by Universal which led to its including in Universal’s “Acoustic Hits” album, which peaked at number 5 in the compilation charts!

Now, after releasing the lead single “Fire“, Hannah is ready to let us hear what she’s been crafting in “222“. Let me tell you guys, it’s pretty catchy and explosive, really well produced, and with lots and lots of melodies that will stick into your heads. I’ve gotta admit, I’m not a big fan of the genre, but after listening to the first few bars of Hannah’s voice in “Gasoline” I was like “Ok, this girl’s got moves!”.

The EP is named after angel’s numbers, as they had a constant presence during the creation of such.

As I mentioned above, Hannah has a very talented voice, which by the way reminds me a little bit of Ariana Grande. Musically, the EP is a blasting collection of Hyped-Pop beats, harmonized vocals, glittering synths and emotional lyrics. No track is similar to the other; producer Sam Ray (of the synth pop duo Friday Night Firefight) and Irish co-writer Ivon Roberts (2.7 million Spotify streams) made sure of it!

We begin with “Gasoline”, and “Gullible” which are a pop-rock anthem of a love gone sour, and a story about naivety, respectively. Both are upbeat tracks that ignite the EP, with “Gasoline” delivering a strong message of “self empowerment” inspired by K-pop girl group ITZY.

We then move on to my favorite track “No Boys Allowed”, a downtempo track with a seductive, yet fierce atmosphere. Heavy riffs and slamming drums come to the table in an unexpected manner, adding a Pop-Punk sound that heavily contrasts with the previous tracks. Did I mentioned it’s my favorite? It’s a tongue-in-cheek rock song that challenges toxic masculinity and encourages equality in our society and empowerment of oneself.

Guys, there are two more tracks left for you to discover, but I don’t wanna spoil the fun. All I’ll say it’s that “Perfect” is an energetic pop-rock song which encourages you to embrace the fact that you may be “too much” for some people to take, when in fact that should be celebrated, and challenges the harmful concept of “perfection”, and ‘Fire’ is an undeniably catchy tropical-house banger, the perfect Hot Girl Summer anthem, which promotes self empowerment. Trust me they’re both pretty good, all the EP is! So go ahead and LISTEN NOW!

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