Pace of Mind “Shoom”

Busy streets, lots of people, constant noise and equally constant light that doesn’t cease even at night, all of that defines living in a city. As someone who’s living in countryside and currently only has to put up with the sparse knocking by someone equipped with one hammer building something nearby, the thought of being constantly submerged in all the noise is quite terrifying. All that sense-hoarding noise seeps into your mind as well.

For Ilya, a Berlin-based artist, living in a busy place is nothing new. That doesn’t mean that it’s all fine though, as he witnesses how keeping that inner silence and peace is really hard when you’re surrounded by all that commotion. Ilya addresses that feeling in his newest song he has written under the alias Pace of Mind, his house music project open for all inspirations and collaborators.

The song, titled “Shoom“, comes as a fresh breeze of sound featuring gentle female vocals, linear beat and echoing smooth melodies. The roots of this song reach almost 10 years back when Ilya wrote a demo. Then, in collaboration with Lada Zimina, the lyrics were translated from Russian to English, and Pauline Mykell provided her voice, giving the lyrics as well as the entire song that sort of quietly yearning feeling of someone who used to know what calmness and peace felt like, but has since somehow lost it.

“The track is resonating with me personally even though I didn’t wrote the lyrics. I’m into meditation and I’ve been doing it for like last 15 years or so. Always trying to keep my mind clean and create more headspace.”


“Shoom” is out, so go ahead and LISTEN NOW!!!

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