Bridget Kelly Quinn “Please Stay”

I believe most of us have a friend or at least know someone who might be struggling. Sadly it’s just those who have admitted their hardships, as there’s a lot of those who don’t want to talk about it. It’s this reason why music is such a good thing, it has the ability to reach those people and be a vessel for hope, positivity and some much needed kindness and love.

That’s exactly what Bridget Kelly Quinn’s newest single is. Titled “Please Stay“, the Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter has weaved her soulful and honest lyrics with jazz-influenced singing and packaged it all into a pleasant and comforting guitar-driven piece of music. It comes loaded with care, as the song aims to both raise awareness to the quiet sufferers around us, especially our male friends, as well as reach out to those people specifically to tell them to talk to their loved ones and that all will be alright.

“When I wrote this its coming from personal experiences and the epidemic of young men committing suicide. We have come some way in regards to mental health but not far enough, so much more to do. This song is about listening to each other and saying I hear you and I’m here and your going to be ok.”

Bridget Kelly Quinn

Please Stay” is also the first single out from Bridget Kelly Quinn’s upcoming debut album “Dead Flowers”. The album, fuelled by stories from the singer’s personal life, touches themes of love and compassion, societal pressure and being a kind and loving person not only for others, but also yourself. With this release, Bridget wants to remind us that oddly comforting notion that no-one has all the answers and you don’t really need to have them either, and that we’re all in this together.

“This album is a mix of discovering yourself again and being kind to each other. We have no idea what others are going through and we have to be patient with ourselves and each other. It doesn’t matter are age we are all going through lots of different things at each stage of our lives. Its about letting go and not beating ourselves up when things don’t go to plan and enjoying every little happiness along the way.” 

Bridget Kelly Queen

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