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Relationships are a common theme to tackle with music. The mix of lyrics and music form a balance that facilitate telling a story while giving it a psychological depth. It can represent the two main aspects of relationships: What can be put into words and those deeper feelings that we can feel, but struggle to find the exact the words to express them. But while many other artists have sang about relationships in their work, few have made it in the way indie-rock band Fertility House does with their latest album Dust. Dust tells us a story of a relationship since its beggings, through its dark days, its end and how it changed the lives of those involved. Fertility House uses their medium in their favor to present a believable and touching album. They show emotional maturity in their lyrics and music that is rare to see on other artists that tackle similar themes. Dust is that accurately captures the emotions of a breakup.

Fertility House is an American band formed on Austin Texas formed on 2017 by Shaun Snyder (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Dan Magorrian (guitar), Daniel Rezza (drums) and Nick Christian (bass). Inspired by 2000’s alternative pop and Latin music, they released their first album Fertility House on 2018. Dust is their second album. It was preceded by the single “Wishing” which is also included in the album. It was recorded at Scary Americans with Charles Godfrey serving as the engineer and the members of the band as producers.

Each track is specific to different feelings that one feels during a relationship. Starts out fun and eager, but then there’s a failure during the relationship. That leads to feelings like loneliness, sorrow, anger, “what ifs”, all sorts of things come to mind, and each track explores one of these feelings while telling the story of the relationship. When writing the music, it was really important that each track captured the feeling of the lyrics and story. We were very deliberate for each track to have it’s own “style” by borrowing ideas from different genres but wanted to ensure that every song still sounded like us at the same time. That was a fun approach to songwriting, and we’re really proud with how it turned out. –Fertility House

Dust is divided into three parts, with each one representing a different stage of a relationship gone sour, marked by three short interludes called “I.”, “II.” and “III.”. While each part is clearly marked by these three interludes, we can also identify them by the emotions, themes and moods each one of them tackle, even changing genres from part to part. Fertility House completly transform the album, and yet retain a thematic and emotional sequence that tie it all together. The first part, which includes “Games” and “Geronimo”, is characterized by its upbeat and optimistic style, representing the start of a new relationship and the hapinees they convey. The second part is the longest one of the album and includes “Wishing”, “Wasting Time”, “Darling”, “Mockingbird”, “Search Party” and “Paca Palace”. It depicts the struggles of the relationship until it reaches its inevitable breakup. An emotionally heavy chapter, Fertility House takes the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the nature of relationships through what may seem at first glance everyday events, but carry a deep subtext of psychological nature. The music slowly begins losing the hope of the first part until it reaches rock bottom. The closing part of the album takes a melancholic turn reflecting about the past and the future through strong metaphors. “Dust” and “Hyde Park” dedicate temselves to relfect to the past and the future of the relationship.

Fertility House explores the nature of relationships and breakups in a mature and playful manner with Dust. They transform their style and genres to capture the deep psychological emotions of the themes they tackle. It is an excellent concept album that you should not miss!

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