Rye Catchers “UFO”

Is it love that’s passing by, or is it just another sighting of a UFO? Considering how elusive and unreachable love can be, it might as well be a case of paranormal activity. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at the answer provided by Rye Catchers – his new single is all about these things!

Rye Catchers is the musical alias of a songwriter-producer David McClintick Roberts. The US-based artist loves creating fresh new sounds, effortlessly hopping between genres and bringing aboard collaborations with other like-minded artists. His discography is full of dancy vibes combining synthpop with electronica and infused with the ecstasy of all glorious aspects of life. Lots of superb mood lifting music.

“My goal is to always offer something unique but also sonically enjoyable. I try to put a slight twist to the lyrics and avoid the mundane. I am also guilty of skipping from one genre to another without apology. I make music that interests me so, while not every tune I produce will be for everyone, I try to offer something for everyone.”

David McClintick Roberts

His newest single joins the front of toe-tapping fresh beats and looks into the world of untameable love and equally unreachable crushes it comes along with. In fact, the particular crush is such a rare sight to behold that they might as well be an UFO. And thus the single is fittingly titled UFO, and the synth-laden goodness builds up the excited state of mind complete with fluttery heart, soaring vocals and driving melodies, a complete package for a person in love with someone that’s well out of reach.

“Obviously, the tune itself is quirky, but it remains a love song; it plays with the idea of a love interest being something akin to a UFO – something out of reach and elusive. Given that analogy, I wanted to make the music match so I opted for a very brief and punchy electropop style – I purposefully kept the tune at a more than tidy 90 or so seconds because, 1) it seems to match the idea of a UFO that simply flies by with just a glimpse offered, and 2) I wanted the listener to want more.”

David McClintick Roberts

“UFO” is out now, check it out on your favourite streaming service!

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