Lauryn Marie “Happy Songs”

There was once a relationship where both sides loved music quite equally, recommending new sounds for each other. That relationship was destined for failure though, and as it walked down the one way street to meet its end, a bunch of songs were left practically unlistenable due to pain way too fresh. That is a special curse for a music-loving person like me and also today’s artist. The artist however looks into reclaiming those lost songs, washing them clean from old pain and making them entirely hers again.

The artist in question is a Lauryn Marie. Originally from North-California, the 20-year-old artist now lives in Tennessee, where she attends Belmont University, studying songwriting. She’s one of the rarer artists who, apart from writing her songs and singing on them, also produces her music, plays a bunch of instruments and knows the way in engineering. The passion for music shines through in emotionally intimate songs, featuring her shimmering vocals, youthful delicate energy and splendid production weaving the story into a neat package.

Speaking of intimate emotions, her new song is exactly that, as it follows the life of a person post-breakup. Finding the songs that used to be so good too sad and painful to listen to as they remind of the recent relationship, the single does a soft lament on why all the favourite songs belong to the other side. And along with that, exploring the idea of taking those songs back for themself.

Titled quite fittingly “Happy Songs“, the song flows with unrivaled amount of forward-looking determination embedded between gentle melodies and her beautiful serene voice. Knowing first-hand how much strength it takes to reclaim songs that have the mark of someone no longer part of your life, this song is unbelievably inspiring for someone who maybe needs an extra nudge moving forward and away from the pain.

“When you listen to my music, you should expect lots of harmonies, a mix of genres, and lyrics that will make you feel things.”

Lauryn Marie

“Happy Songs” is out now, take a listen to it now on your favourite platforms!

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