Gavan Waldby- “Thanks For That”

Today’s featured track is an honest upcoming single based on gratefulness, about looking around us and identifying all of those that have stood by our side. Extremely personal and charming, Gavan Waldby’s “Thanks For That” is a show of affection to the women who have in a way or another influenced him and had his back. The track has a complex harmony that reflects each of their personality, and Waldby’s vocals and his guitar transmit us his emotions in a touching manner.

Frequent followers of the blog may be able to identify what makes Gavan Waldby’s music truly special. His last single Why Don’t You Care About Me serves as an example of the sound he has built: a touching and personal music inspired by personal expriences. His music transform to according to the psychology of the song and the dominating emotions. “Thanks For That” further develops his sound by adding a charming woodwind section that serves perfectly in conjunction with his signature vocals/guitar. It was inspired by a tragic event in Waldby’s life. Luckily, his wife, sister and daughter were right there for him, which inspired him to dedicate this song to them, which was in turn written alongside his sister. Writing it was a rollercoaster of emotions due to the personal and emotional background of the song, one we can understand just by listening to the song.

Thanks For That” features four main sections dedicated for each of the important women in Waldby’s life. Each section features subtle yet effective transformations in harmony, instrumentation and melody depending of each one of them. The first one is dedicated to his wife, in which tenderness is the dominating emotion, represented by the organ and woodwind in the harmony section. A change to a brighter key serves as an introduction to the second part which is dedicated to his daughter. With this key change, Waldby successfully represents how her smile is able to light up every room. The third part is a playful one dedicated to his sister who also sings the backing vocals in this section! The final section includes bittersweet memories of Waldby’s late mother. The most touching part of the track, full of rememberance of those who are not with us any more.

“Thanks For That” is honest, touching and personal. It is a track that you must hear immediately! Make sure to


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