The Disarmed – “What We Leave” Album

This is an album about growth, self worth, effort and resilience. A wonderful mix of classic grunge sounds with modern compositions. Metal, Hard Rock, and Alt Rock, “What We Leave” has got it all. LISTEN NOW!

Hello everybody! Good morning, good night, good evening, wherever you are! Welcome back to your favorite music blog, it’s your boy MadZen once again, grateful to be writing for you guys. So, today we have a pretty cool album brought to us by this Sioux Falls, USA four stack, called The Disarmed.

These guys find inspiration in the 90’s sound of grunge bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, but also in the 80’s heavy metal music of Iron Maiden. Meeting each other in college back in 2013, Bobby Kooiman (guitar and lead vocals), Doug Hair (bass), and Zach Dresch (drums) created The Disarmed, with Morgan Harris later joining in 2020 after answering a Facebook group post saying that the Disarmed were looking for a new guitarist.

“What We Leave” is their third full-length album release and we are very excited about it. It includes The Disarmed successful single “Idle Hands”, which only in few months reached over 14,000 streams on Spotify. You bet it’s good!

The 90’s and Grunge influences are very notorious throughout the album. It reminded me of bands I used to love back in the day like Three Days Grace, Seether, and in deed Soundgarden. All of The Disarmed musical tastes came together to create a nostalgic yet refreshing sound that exudes originality, but still sounds so familiar.

It’s an album of much diversity from harder rocking grit to a few soft and intimate songs.” – The Disarmed

Tracks like “Moment in Time”, “Holy Ground”, and “Fake” present a variety of exciting riffs that span from hard rock to metal. Powerful and magnetic, the sound is fierce, aggressive, and brave. Overall, the message of “What We Leave” is a reminder to be mindful of their impact on the world and the people around them, while also living a life that they can truly be proud of without worrying as much about what others think of them.

Vocals go from clean to raspy, to almost growling. Clearly inspired by the style of Stone Temple Pilots, and I’d dare to say even Mastodon. It is a wonderful blend of styles that captivates the listener! You can also expect exciting guitar solos, soft acoustic guitar strums, grooving drums, tight drums, and a solid bass interpretation. It’s like a musical buffet!

But seriously guys, this is a pretty solid album which by the way was produced and recorded by the amazing Jeremy Schaeffer (Earth Groans) from All Poetic Audio. Tracks like “Where You Hide” and “Source of Anger” are an amazing mix of Metal and Alt Rock, reminding me of bands like Killswitch Engage and Alter Bridge.

The album ends with a soft, acoustic ballad, heavily contrasting with the previous tracks, rewarding us with a bittersweet song of nostalgic melodies. A farewell song, perfectly placed to act as an emotional finale. Man, I felt that! I actually felt back in High School, ha!

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