tdotostudios “AFUA”

Those times where words fail to fully describe the beauty of something, music comes along and paints the visual most eloquently, capturing all the nuances whilst at it. The song you’re about to hear was born to do exactly that, to describe something really gorgeous as well as offer a pleasurable listen!

Flowing on the wings of exotica, the song, called “AFUA“, takes us to African Disapora. The artist inviting us there is Theo Davis, a busy person who’s a full-time medical doctor by the day and who creates some truly chilled vibes during the night under his musical alias tdotostudios. The music he creates is most importantly aiming to create most relaxing atmosphere to unwind himself as well as the listeners after a busy stressful day. But he doesn’t stop there – the artist also weaves some beautiful emotions in the melodies, forming stories that are best told in the language of chilled lo-fi music.

He scored his first UK Top 30 single as a producer with Azonto by Fuse ODG, which has achieved over 70 million views on YouTube alone. This song pioneered a new sound of UK afrobeats. With this in mind, he wants to innovate a new Afro-Lofi sound, combining the granular atmosphere of Lofi music with infectious afrobeat rhythms to create a chilled listening experience.

The title of his new song means “Born on Friday” and it’s a Ghanaian name for girls. tdotostudios himself is of Ghanaian descent and he wrote “AFUA” to encapsulate the beauty of women of African Disapora as well as give homage to the place his soul calls home. It’s likely for this reason the chilled and flowing song carries such a noticeable amount of longing feelings along the refreshingly exotic afrobeat and smooth melodies. It’s an entirely instrumental song as words wouldn’t be able to explain all of this with such eloquence, and as a result “AFUA” is three minutes of bliss opening a window to memory-laden warm place.

The debut single “FUA” IS OUT NOW on your favourite streaming platform!

Cover art by tkartt

“I wanted to spearheading a new sound called Afro-Lofi, combining the vintage and granular atmosphere of Lofi music with infectious afrobeat rhythms to create a pleasurable listening experience.”

Theo Davis

Things to expect from my music:
– Cool, chilled, relaxing vibes
– Instrumental music that will have a voice of displaying various emotions from joy to sadness

Theo Davis

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