Sharl “Darker Than Midnight”

Getting trapped in darkness and finding it impossible to navigate the dark for the way out is something that a lot of people can relate to. And if you’re in that trouble yourself, a little help goes a long way. In this blog, the help comes from the newly released single by Sharl.

The Australian pop artist carries a considerably powerful voice, using it to broadcast messages full of honesty. Previously signed to a UK-based label, she is now fully independent and has since released a string of new singles, introducing listeners to the new sides of this multi-faceted artist. Featuring songs ranging from riff-laden pop rock to gentler indie sounds, Sharl’s sound is as fearless as the way she tackles the topics of love and societal problems.

Her newest single comes to tackle heavier and darker themes, announcing it in the title “Darker Than Midnight“. In other words, that seemingly eternal darkness could be depression, feeling stuck and trapped in a bad place, joyless state of mind or even mental illness, and none of those are easy for a person standing alone. Knowing that, the single is a duet to highlight the strength and support coming from having an understanding friend.

Sharl’s honest and emotive vocals meet those of a fellow singer and producer Daniel Bohen, and together they unravel and navigate the multilayered emotions of doom, looking for the light and guidance. It’s also the first collaboration the two have worked together, and somehow they’ve managed to make the song feel like two trusting friends who have known each other for a while.

2022 has been a busy year for Sharl, “Darker Than Midnight” is her 8th single this year. She ain’t stopping and continues the flow of fresh honest pop music, soon too be crowned by the upcoming studio album “City Lights”, set to release later this month!

“Darker than Midnight” is available now on all streaming platforms. Also, check out her older singles That Girl, Games, and 3 Words.

Make sure to pre-save “City Lights”, the upcoming 10-track LP!

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