Sharl “That Girl”

Sharl shares her fear and lack of desire of ever being who we now call ‘That Girl’, in her second single of the year.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, pop singer-songwriter Sharl is spending this 2022 working hard to make it an eventful year: with an upcoming album, City Lights, coming soon, the artist is set on releasing a couple of singles to give listeners a feel of the emotional depth and melodies that will be featured in her new project. 

With her current work being developed and about the time she’s spent in the many Melbourne lockdowns, her songs deal with a myriad of topics, including that of online interaction. That Girl is a song that places great emphasis on it, giving an insightful look into how online comments can affect the psyche. 

The It Girl has been an aspiring for millions of young girls, but as the times have changed, with a drastic difference noticed simply by comparing the beauty standards from the early 2000s and the recent 2020, the It Girl seemed to have died down in popularity, merely living in the older generation’s minds. But that is not the case, as the so infamous It Girl has not become a That Girl

While “being all that” can be said as either a compliment or a diss, the general assumption is that “that girl” is someone who’s got her life under control, always has the perfect look, and definitely will never submit to the whims of others in order to receive approval. However, in her single of the same name, Sharl brings up an interesting point: the dismissal of using “that” to describe someone. 

Giving the story a romantic spin to add more layers to the theme, Sharl discusses the dangers of chasing this image of how to be the perfect girl social media keeps talking about. When you focus too much on being picture perfect, you might be putting yourself in the line of fire for getting hurt by strangers, the people you love, and even yourself. 

The artist shares their feeling for the new popular term and the way it influences womanhood, stating: “When I saw it, at first, I thought that’s great! I definitely want to be ‘That Girl’! The activities are mostly positive, healthy things to do. However, on closer inspection, it’s a movement that promotes an unrealistic level of perfection, and no one can be perfect all the time. So then I thought: whatever, I’m kinda close enough! But later, I actually decided that I didn’t want to engage with that social pressure at all, hence the line ‘I don’t wanna be that girl’ was born.”

Sharl’s That Girl, a mellow pop track, shines a light on the torture women put themselves through to keep a bad boyfriend by their side, a fake mask on, or a smile on their face 24/7. As Sharl learns to leave behind those desires to participate in the unhealthy promotion of the new twisted version of “self love” promoted on social media, she encourages others to give up on tolerating the social pressure, instead focusing on being the person they actually feel happier being. 

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