i, sosa “Spinnin”

Floating through the warm summer days, hazy from the high temperatures, but mostly from the perfect romance. Those intoxicating fluttery feelings have also made it into a beautiful little song, spinning around in all things love like a water beetle on the surface of the river.

The song is aptly called “Spinnin“, and it’s a smooth r&b song with dreamy lo-fi influence telling the story of a blissful summer romance. Hazy guitar and synth melodies build up a cozy atmosphere that feels as if you’re getting submerged in the waves of warm sea, and honeysuckle jazz-influenced vocals speak nostalgically of love and the first relationships that painted those warm summer days particularly golden.

“Spinnin” is the debut single of Brooklyn NY resident artist named i, sosa. It was written in collaboration between him and his 4 friends, namely Hermona Tamrat, Shakoor Bess, Andrew Abrahamsen and Ryan Temple. This debut single is the first and undeniably exciting step for i, sosa, who’s hoping to build up enough repertoire to start performing live, as the stage is where this artist feels the most alive in.

“i, sosa it’s a phoneticization of my middle name Aisosa. It’s Yoruba and it means no one is above God. Keeping it lowercase is a reminder for being humble.”

i, sosa

Spinning IS OUT NOW press that paly button to be among the first to hear it!

“First time listeners can expect to be taken back to the feelings of puppy love and new relationship energy :)”

i, sosa

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