Sophie Dorsten “Mountain Song”

A wonderful place in time featuring some truly wonderful people. The journey you’ve been on took you there, some of the best times were had here and now it’s time to leave. On the slow road moving further away and heart filled with lingering feeling of longing, a fitting soundtrack is dearly needed. And boy do we have a great one today!

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona where she was born and raised, Sophie Dorsten is a singer-songwriter weaving beautiful melodic indie pop vibes. Singing and making music since the age of 9, her strong emotive voice captured the hearts of all who got to hear her, and her first EP’s saw light at the age of 13. Now grown up, the youthful lady has teamed up with her brother and the duo has been making and releasing music since 2020.

Among the many things she has done was a trip to London, to RAK Studios, where she and her brother were invited to record and tour. This unforgettable experience was very fruitful, and the first single from that time is now out, carrying the title “Mountain Song”.

“‘Mountain Song’ is about wanting to be with someone you can’t; someone that was so close to you. They left you abruptly, with no explanation and the memories of all the good times you spent together now leave you feeling empty. Holding on to all those memories, you now must somehow heal without getting a “goodbye” or closure.”

Sophie Dorsten

Softly bouncing through memories, “Mountain Song” is a gentle indie song filled with longing and sadness surrounding remnant traces of good times had with someone special. Guitar melodies with plucked emphasizing, free-floating moments of quietness and percussion that guides through the rolling landscape all feel serene yet emotionally quite heavy. It’s as if you’ve had something really great which has suddenly ended by now and left you aching and missing for more. With no other option left than moving on, the song frames the memories up with quiet acceptance.

“This song was recorded in London at RAK Studios last March. It was such an amazing experience, and we are so excited this is the first song to release from that trip. Alex was given the opportunity to use a 1965 Gibson J200 that Jimmy Page played on ‘Led Zepplin’ album. We were so thrilled and grateful to have that guitar on this song! I feel like it makes the song glow and of course Alex loved playing it.” Sophie Dorsten

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