This Mississippi based artist has created a sensational Blues/Southern Rock album that mixes Pop elements with guitar-based compositions. Balancing themes like politics, love, and personal experiences, this 5-track EP “Heart In A Notebook” will take you on a trip across the river of Blues’ birthplace.


Zechariah Lloyd was raised on cornbread and Jesus. It was thanks to his mom and dad (a piano church player, and a rock n’ roll drummer) that Lloyd was revealed what music is all about. Firstly introduced to Rock legends like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin, the southern musician began playing drums on his father’s drumset.

He later became a fantastic Blues composer, making headway in 2015 after winning the Vicksburg Blues Society’s Blues Challenge, and went on to represent Vicksburg in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN where he placed in the top 5 finalists for the solo/duo division.

In 2020 he released his most successful single up to date, “Down To The River“, with which he won 1st place in Blues for both the Unsigned Only Competition and the International Songwriting Competition, beating out over 27,000 other contestants! So, yes, it is pretty good.

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“Down to the River” actually opens up the EP, and it is a Southern Rock masterclass. With a laid-back beat and softly played acoustic guitars, Zechariah presents himself with a powerful voice, deeply rooted in his origins. Pushing away the devil with the help of high-gained riffs, fuzzy solos, and harmonizing backing vocals. Such a treat and a strong start.

Next, Lloyd changes the mood a bit and takes us to a more political side of the EP. Keeping the laid-back beat and the soft acoustic guitars, Zechariah presents a more vulnerable side, strongly contrasting with its predecessor. Here he stands against war and injustice, using a minimum amount of elements, letting space for his lyrics and vocals.

Track 3, “Don’t Cry For Me”, is a more uplifting track, standing more in the Pop side with a sound that resembles artists like John Mayer and Rag N’ Bones. Here he sings about a failed love, making use of a more energetic ambience of strung guitar chords and heavy drumming.

We approach the end in track 4, “Ain’t It Strange”, where Lloyd returns to his serious side but this time with an upbeat composition. Energetic, melodious, and filled with instruments and vocals across the listening field, this track sings once more against injustice and corruption, appealing to human existence and revolution.

Title (and last) track, “Heart In a Notebook (this one drops this Friday July 01st pre-save it here)” is a window into Lloyd’s first-person perspective and movement through heartbreak and the struggle to move on. Here the songwriter ends with a bittersweet note of acoustic melodies, wrapping up this fantastic EP. So do hit that PLAY BUTTON NOW!

“This EP, Heart in a Notebook was a crowdfunded album recorded at PlaidDog Recording in Boston, MA and is a handful of tunes that represent the versatility of my Songwriting. Down to the River is an origin song that tells about where I came from and who I am and how I deal with life. The single and title of the EP, Heart in a Notebook, is a first person perspective of my journey through heartbreak, breakup, and the struggle to move on. “

Zechariah Lloyd
Danny K Photography | http://www.dannykphotography.com

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