Romi Hurts “I Found You”

When you open yourself up to someone you feel is trustworthy, it leaves you in such a vulnerable position. But such is how love happens. Sometimes, the person you’ve found is not the right kind and after a relationship, a nasty breakup occurs. Broken trust and emotionally wounded, you feel there is no way you could trust anyone. But yet, something inside urges you to try.

“After a bad break up, a couple of years earlier, I fell into a big black whole and my biggest worry was that I was never able to trust someone again, or to let someone in. I went deep, faced my dark sides. I desperately wanted to break certain patterns, wanted to grow, learn and heal, so I could experience a new kind of love relationship. That was a very tough time, but I knew why I wanted to go through it like that. I wanted the bad experience to be an experience that brought me growth, instead of something that would keep me from having good experiences in the future.”

Romi Hurts

Such has been the story of Romi Hurts and her newest single “I Found You“. After a bad breakup, anxiety and worries of not being able to love and trust again filled up her head, and that’s also how the single begins – a deep pondering about how she would be able to trust again after hitting “rock bottom”. But then, she met a man, a healing presence who showed Romi she is indeed able to love and trust again. “I Found You” is an ode to that and a shining example of holding onto your hope, no matter how small it may feel like at the time.

“The moment I fell in love with my boyfriend I just overflowed with gratitude and happiness. I made it! That was how it felt, haha. All that love was more and better than I could have wished for. So that’s what this song is about.”

Romi Hurts

A collaborative effort with a fellow singer-songwriter and producer Stefan Aaron, the beautiful gentle instrumental side carries Romi’s voice and message with rather outstanding perfection. The quiet and sorrowful beginning is just her and the piano, and when the new light arrived in the shape of that wonderful man, the song opens up like a shimmering scene in a movie. “I Found You” also goes hand-in-hand with the singer’s previous single “Over You”, which is a window into her life post-breakup, finding herself in a dark hole.

Based in Amsterdam, singer-songwriter Romi Hurts is a creative lyricist bubbling with love for music production and owning a powerful emotional voice that would make some really great stages reverb. Combining both of the aforementioned skills with her romantic soulful singer side, Romi Hurts’ music ranges from cinematic and huge pop ballads to creative electronic soundscapes. Inspiring listeners with messages of unrivaled honesty is close to this artist’s heart.

“I Found You” is out now! As of what’s next, Romi has a third single lined up for release, and that song describes the period of time between breakup (Over You) and the newfound hope and love (I Found you).
Stay tuned!

“I hope to inspire people with it who are currently going through a challenging time. I know I will also keep having them, ’cause life will just keep throwing challenges at you 😉 It’s important to celebrate and, how I say it, marinate yourself in the amazing feelings of gratitude and love, when you can find or create some, because it will make everything easier and will bring you even more of it sooner than you think. So for a portion of hope, listen to ‘I Found You'” Romi Hurts.

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