Jane N’ The Jungle – “Metal Ghost”

This track is an ode to Rock and all it represents. It’s metallic aesthetic, and its rebellious attitude. Jane N’ The Jungle return in “Metal Ghost“, a song about following your muse and falling in love with the unknown. OUT NOW!

What’s going on guys, it’s your boy MadZen and today we will be reviewing the upcoming brand new single from these Phoenix, USA band. First of all, welcome back! As always, I hope you’re safe, happy, and thriving into the weekend. Now, onto the single!

“Metal Ghost” has a very charming aura, embedded with the Rock N’ Roll spirits of old. Maybe its unique essence is due to the fact that it was written the same night that Slipknot’s Joey Jordison death was announced, on July 27, 2021. Either way, this track is a true ode to Rock and its aesthetic.

You can expect a very powerful singing by Jane, with high-reaching, soaring vocals that stand tall and proud, showing pride for being part of the Rock and Metal genre, and its community. Lyrics even tell the listener how Jane was sceptic about stepping in, but soon fell in love with its rebellious beauty. Of course there are also lots of sick guitar riffs, and powerful drums that will captivate you from the get go.

Metal Ghost is about following your muse and falling in love with the unknown. It’s about being lost and not wanting to be found. It’s a metallic attitude with an open heart. The Metal Ghost is in all of us, waiting to be set free.

We don’t get much of these kind of tracks nowadays, so we are extremely grateful for what this outfit has created. A true American Metal experience, with a dash of Classic Rock vibes. It is as inspiring as it is refreshing, and a cool addition to your Rock N’ Roll playlist! So go ahead and hit that PLAY BUTTON NOW!

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