Kit Citrine “Hollow”

Anyone who has lost someone close to them knows there is no such thing as a 10-day grief. This emotion is a lingering thing, something that sticks with you for practically life and the person must learn how to live with it.

Kit Citrine knows this first-hand. The Orlando-based singer-songwriter had just recently lost her father and to cope with the crushing weight of emotions, she wrote a song overnight after the funeral. That song, her newest single, is titled “Hollow” and it channels all the grief, sadness, shattered and hollow state of mind and lashing anger in its powerful lamenting lyrics dressed in dark emotive pop rock sound.

“In addition to writing the song overnight after getting back into town from her dad’s funeral, Kit took a different approach to writing this song than any of the other songs on her debut album. She had no hard plan in mind for lyrics, or even an overall concept, except that she wanted to create something that sounded the way she felt inside in that moment. It was a way of acknowledging her pain, processing it, and channeling it into music.”

Kit Citrine

Teetering between bottomless sadness and wrath, “Hollow” describes the world as it’s seen through the eyes of a grieving person. There is a special place in hell for all the mind-numbing supposedly joy-inpiring things, as she angrily states to be “driving around in silence because I can’t trust the radio”. That is part of the society trying to impose a certain short period of time for grieving, and after that you’re expected to cheer up and carry on as if nothing’s wrong. When you’re battling with such heavy emotions yourself, it becomes clear this is just… wrong. For this reason “Hollow” serves as a crushingly honest callout for this part of American culture.

“The most important thing I want to say is welcome and thank you for listening to my song. My main goal is to make you feel something, to move you in some way. In general, my music is more about the feeling and the message than any specific genre. I love experimenting and playing with new techniques, trends, and methods as I learn about them, so you will find different moods, beats, and styles within my discography. I love connecting with folks and having conversations about their experiences with some of the themes that my music covers. I’m glad you listened and hopefully you found something that resonated with you; if so, I’d love to hear from you!”

Kit Citrine

“Hollow” is out now and it’s the third single from Citrine’s upcoming debut album “Midnight Masquerade”, an autobiographical album looking into the recent events of the artist’s life. LISTEN NOW!

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