TROLN – “Ghost”

Joy Division and Syd Barret would approve this track. “Ghost” is a spooky track with Post-Rock and New Wave vibes about striving for better days even when facing grave disappointment, failure or lack of success. LISTEN NOW!

We’ve all felt a bit lost, like living in the shadows. Wondering if we’re good enough and if we’re even allowed to succeed. Well, this track captures those feelings of being invisible or transparent as if you were a ghost. Hello guys! It’s your boy MadZen and today we will enjoy a retro-sounding track filled with cool and gloomy influences like Cocteau Twins, The Cure, PJ Harvey and This Mortal Coil. Welcome back!

After releasing their previous single Says Abraham, the Denmark band is back with a new track. “Ghost” is a spooky mix of Goth Rock, Post-Rock and even Psychedelia. It is carried by upbeat drums, bitter-sweet melodies, and phantasmagoric vocals. You can hear the ghosts in this track!

“Ghost” is about fighting your inner and outer demons, about trying to shake off expectations, bitterness and pride, and fight for love and life. A track that not only resembles that classic Joy Division sound but that also delivers a “Live-recorded experience”. TROLN created a track to help us endure and go on through the hardship.

“I (Helene) was recently diagnosed with (most likely curable) breast cancer, and the lyrics about hard times became even more relevant. The darkness, the hope for light and better days became even more tangible as I am facing months of treatment that will be hard on both body and mind.” – Helene Navne (vocals, lyrics)

Atmospheric and deep, this track captures the feelings of being inside a storm, being swept from side to side. Echoing guitars and solid bass add both texture and foundation for the ever growing beat. You will find yourself surrounded by wailing ghosts that haven’t been able to go into the light. “Ghost” is a reminder that you must let yourself feel the Sun on your face and believe in love and life.

The small guitar riff in the beginning of verse 1 and 3 is played backwards – we had another riff in mind, but wanted a more spooky sound. Most of the music is recorded live in our studio at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. Afterwards we mixed in some more vocals and there is also a ghost or two to be heard – listen for them in the beginning of verse 3” – TROLN

This is TROLN’s second single leading up to their second album release, with a third single soon to be released this autumn. Helene wrote the lyrics to Ghost while going through a challenging time with a lot of self doubt. “I basically needed to tell myself to keep fighting and believing that life is mostly beautiful and the world mostly good. And that I would get out on the other side of the challenges together with people I love.”, Helene explains.

Their recording studio is near one of the old industrial areas where there used to be a shipyard. The area itself, as TROLN explains, inspires them. This may be heard in the metallic synth sounds and post punky beat and bass.

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