Broken Romeo – “Wait For Me”

Pure Southern Rock with an Alt-Rock taste. “Wait For Me” is a heavy rock and roll track filled with delightful guitar riffs, exciting vocals, and nasty drums. LISTEN NOW!

Hello, hello everybody! It’s your boy MadZen once again, and I’m very happy to share with you an exciting, brand new track all the way from Tucson, Arizona. First of all, I hope you’re all well, healthy, and working hard for your ambitions. Now, onto the music!

Broken Romeo is a Hard Rock band with a Southern taste. They have a sound which I can only describe as pure Classic Rock N’ Roll, mixed with subtle nuances of Grunge. In fact, this song reminded me of the great Stone Temple Pilots thanks to its wailing choruses and high-speed feeling. It feels like being out on the road!

But far from being a hit-the-road track, “Wait For Me” is actually about an imploding marriage, affected by the toxic stains of addiction and infidelity. Despite all this, this song is very uplifting, with a strong energy that awakens your senses, filling you up with excitement.

The composition is super cool, with changing melodies from verse to chorus that keep us hooked. A beefy bass and chunky guitars will make you feel brave and ready to face whatever comes. The drum’s tight groove will get you up your feet. The harmonized vocals will seize you up for good. The bridge and the guitar solo will knock you down the floor…

“Wait For Me” is the 5th single off of Broken Romeo’s upcoming album “Infirmus Orbis”, which is slowly being released track by track, until the whole album is made up. Guys, this track reminded me of the good old guitar days, where nasty riffs and heavy grooves were king. Just the vocals alone are worthy of standing ovation! So wait no more and LISTEN NOW!

“For first time BR listener’s I would say welcome! We like to think of ourselves as a Rock band from the Southern Arizona desert with both Alt Rock and Classic rock influences. We hope they will join the BR Army!!”

Broken Romeo

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