Jeffrey Chan “Over”

“The cosmic lover is now a stranger.” Yes, that is a breakup song, but instead of sulking in the bottomless pit of misery, Jeffrey Chan has decided to introduce a different way of handling the pain. With that in mind, his new single “Over” is out now!

The bright-minded Australian singer-songwriter has previously shown his dancy electropop sound with the single “Vertigo“, which spins the listeners into a pleasurable daze of love and madness. Jeffrey’s smoothly textured synthpop blends the original 80s synth goodness together with the crisp bright modern production, and his deep lush voice fits the whole package to a T. Spoken through the eyes of a love-inspired human person, the golden sound features a hefty amount of relatable emotions and stories colored in by some wonderful synthpop.

His new single, the breakup song, is simply titled “Over”. Following someone once a cosmic lover leaving for good, the song takes us to the life of a person, who’s now freshly single again. running on top of speedy percussion, the textured synth plucks build a mood that’s rather depressed, but also introspective. The lyrics are even more so, looking back on the relationship as a whole and all the good and bad things that happened then. The aforementioned percussion also inspires to get up and dance the sadness away, which by the way is exactly what happens in the song’s music video.

Grab a broom or some other stick object that looks like a mic, loosen up your tight collar, bring out the fancy colored lights and proceed to rock your worries away to the sound of Jeffrey Chan!

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