Mot & Krid “Yesterday I Cried”

In the light of most news these days, the world feels like it’s walking backwards. Helplessness, despair and no hope for a better future run deep in the current society, and every time you feel like this can’t get any worse, it somehow does. But even if you’ve been crying a lot lately, it may help to know you’re not alone. For example Mot & Krid feels the same way, and their new single seeks to bring back hope for a better future, even if it feels like a fairytale right now.

Mot & Krid is a German-American indie alias powered by Thomas Gallmeier. Born in New York, he picked music up early to become a drummer, working as a session musician for years. More recently, the artist started writing his own music, carving path to the creation of Mot & Krid. Creating everything from moody and powerful indie pop ballads to rocking emotionally charged songs, Mot & Krid seeks to embrace emotions in the sheer size they come in.

For the new single Mot & Krid collaborated with an old friend Sean Wiggins, who’s an indie singer-songwriter. Taken aback by the news about overturning Roe vs. Wade and the awful effects women in particular are facing now as a result, the duo felt the need to inspire hope in the current insane times. The result is an extremely fitting title “Yesterday I Cried“, which introduces a powerful sound of Sean’s vocals, storming guitars and an uplifting message that emphasizes the need of equality.

“Yesterday I Cried” is out now!

For Yesterday I Cried I reconnected with dear friend and singer/songwriter/indie artist Sean Wiggins. We used to write and play music together in and around Los Angeles years ago but hadn’t been in touch for quite some time.

Mot & Krid

We wanted to write a song that would inspire hope and the need and urgency for equality in these crazy times. 

Mot & Krid

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