De Antiquis et Novis “Alchemy”

De Antiquis et Novis is back to surprise us with new music. And when I say “surprise” then I mean it. The German producer has formerly released a slew of chillout electronica with a grand final of a full-length album “Afterglow” full of smooth ambient vibes. This time he’s here to introduce us to a different side of his musical world.

Opening a new page, de Antiquis et Novis brings forth his love for the dancy side of electronica and introduces us to the first instalment – the new single titled “Alchemy“. Featuring jabbing synths, sweet linear percussion and shimmery arps running in the background, the single builds up the feeling of late-night house parties where the intoxicating flow of music and beverages take everyone deep into the summer night.

Peeking behind the scenes of the rather mystical alias, we find Matthias Schorer, who’s a songwriter, producer and engineer with strong love for synths. Embracing the omnipotent abilities of synths, the artist is capable of creating captivating worlds, may they be chilled like his previous works, or full of summer-infused feel-good energy and toe-tapping beat. “Alchemy” will soon be followed by more classic dancy electronica in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Alchemy” is out now streaming platforms

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