De Antiquis et Novis “Afterglow LP”

A familiar name comes to bring us to a long chillout voyage with his calm vibrant downtempo electronica. Recently he introduced us to two singles – the absolutely chilled “Calm” and a more magical breezy tune called “Afterglow“, and the two songs gave a good introduction to the artist’s summery calm serene sound. This artist is De Antiquis Et Novis, and he returns once again, this time to introduce the anticipated full album.

Titled “Afterglow“, the new album comes as a collection of chillout electronic songs with one main theme, and that is offering a deep musical relaxation. The aforementioned couple of singles actually foretold about the imminent arrival of this release and “Afterglow” has become the fitting title track, beginning the journey with an exotic imagery of sitting on the tropical beach watching the sun set into the vibrant peachy red horizon. That vision continues to inspire in the following track “What Do You Do”, a song that feels nocturnal in its essence and features stronger echoing synths, partly building up the illuminated silhouette of a large city.

Every track also features female vocals, bringing in the more mysterious feminine energy that, combined with synths and the downtempo beat, is a perfect setup for goosebumps and heavy enjoyment. In songs like “Calm”, that voice also has a spellbinding quality to it, coming and going as it speaks out what might be on the listener’s mind after a busy day – “I don’t wanna run for another day”. The deep relaxation theme continues in “Deep Blue Ocean”, but in a different element – finding peace in diving into the sea and surrounding yourself in an entirely different world. It’s a flowing song featuring no drums, representing what it feels like to be underwater practically flying.

The last two songs carry a deeper meaning. “Hang On To Your Dreams” is a calming and inspiring song that was originally written for a girl when she went through troubling times. Just like the title, the song itself features upbeat and shimmery melodies that bring peace to one’s mind and help relax just a little to see things clearer. The last song goes deeper into the darker side of relationships and features whispery vocals stating “I bruise and I break”. It’s a title song of a woman who’s stuck in an abusive relationship, but refuses to leave and instead stays around, drawn to the love offered by the other side.

The album also features three radio-friendly editions of “Deep Blue Ocean”, “Bruises” and “What Do You Do”. While meant to fit in the tight airtime, these four could also fit in the timetable of a very busy person who seeks to find a calming song that’s also conventionally short. There’s also a wonderful remix of “Calm” done by Loyd Ink.

The German producer de Antiquis et Novis has done a wonderful chillout album, and it’s released just in time for summer when the holidays are about to begin. Any of the songs in here could easily become someone’s vital chilling song, but honestly, the whole album is incredible.

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