Harlow’s Monkeys- “Pleasure”

While feeling down, it is natural to search for ways to try to feel better. We may find something that does the job momentarily, until we suddenly relapse to our depressed state. We try to find something stronger, something better. It is later that we realize that what we enjoyed does not do anything anymore and we have become addicted to it. Harlow’s Monkeys newest single “Pleasure” is about chasing that feel good sensation in any way posible, but struggling to really feel anything at all. A powerful, addictive and catchy track!

Harlow’s Monkeys is the project led by San Francisco songwriter-producer Tommy P. Influenced by Neutral Milk Hotel, Bob Dylan, Wilco, and Bright Eyes, their music is characterized by their dinamic, cinematic and oftentimes humorous tracks that tell stories based on themes that strike the contemporary society, such as their LP, Several Lives and Several Deaths. “Pleasure” is the second single from their upcoming EP.

“Pleasure” begins as a dark yet high energy track about someone searching for the next high. Harlow’s Monkeys indie rock sound is blended with vocal harmonic complexity and Spanish melodic elements to deliver a sincere story of great emotional depth from Tommy P.’s vocals. The angsty bridge builds up to an addictive chorus that serves as a climax of the track, in which the protagonist finds himself, ironically, at his rock bottom. “All I do is seek pleasure/ but I never feel better”. It is a call for help that puts us on edge with hypnotizing guitars and backup vocals. In this way, Harlow’s Monkeys play around with the ideas and music of the track, as they carefully construct a character with psychological depth and put them in a situation with no escape on sight. “Pleasure” shares its musical structure with a spiral by which we go lower and lower with each passing moment of the track.

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Pleasure” by Harlow’s Monkeys is a track that tells a story in a way only the band knows how to do. An addictive track about wanting more and more, without knowing when to stop and is OUT NOW so wast no more time and give it a listen.

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