Merunisa “Henny n’ Ice”

Feeling down? If yes, we have some pretty good medicine in the form of a brand new single by Merunisa. With the same song, the artist also offers fresh and strangely comfortable presence for all those simply on the lookout for some great new R&B vibes.

R&B is exactly what Merunisa has made her musical home. Combining that with deeply evocative electronic pop soundscapes and her intimate vocals, the UK-based singer-songwriter uses her powers to craft some splendid indie R&B with a huge sound. And not only is her music masterfully produced and sounding like an absolute bop, her songs have also become the platform for stories of mental health, healing and handling those human emotions.

“With my music, they should expect the unexpected. I always want my listeners to be surprised and to enjoy the melodic writing and production which is something Henny n’ Ice has done very well”


Her new song, deliciously titled “Henny n’ Ice”, takes us to the life of a person post-breakup. Stirred up in negative feelings coming from the pain of heartbreak, the single’s dead honest lyrics line up thoughts as they are, highlighting longing for a break from all the mess “need something to pass the time”, missing love and sinking deep into the hurtful things said. The melancholic echoing atmosphere together with that catchy beat create a fabulous blend very much like ice in Hennessy, making “Henny n’ Ice” about as effective for a heartbroken person as the drink itself. And if you’re not heartbroken, then you get to sink in the song’s splendid rhythm and enjoy yourself!

“Henny n’ Ice” is out now.

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