This EP is full with Garage Rock / Indie-Punk tunes that’ll make you sweat. Amazing drumming and youthful chants make of “Tired Of Trying” a perfect fit for anyone dealing with an existential crisis. LISTEN NOW!

Hello everybody! It’s your boy MadZen once again with more exiting new tunes for y’all. Today we have a nice three-track EP crafted by this Los Angeles based-duo, NOVAK! First of all, I hope you’re all well, working hard, and enjoying yourselves. Now, onto the music!

Ok guys, NOVAK was created by musicians Novak and Tony. They began playing music years ago but found themselves in a hiatus after a few years. Now, the duo has returned to making music and playing live SOLD OUT shows. Hell yeah! They are inspired by bands like Together Pangea, FIDLAR, NIRVANA, WHITE STRIPES, INTERPOL, and even Ritchie Valens. So you can expect a little surf pop vibe in there!

“Tired Of Trying” is a three-track EP inspired by things Novak went through during covid! It starts with title track “Tired Of Trying”, a surf pop tune with melancholic vibes about how hard it is trying to make everyone happy and not putting yourself first. For Novak, it got to the point where the more he tried to please people the more he became lost. It’s swingy surf rock with atmospheric elements!

Next we have Alaska Sucks, a Garage Punk track with lots of energy and exciting drumming. This track will make you wanna sing along! It was written after Novak lost his soulmate and it was too late to get her back. They still kept seeing each other in town, but ended up becoming strangers.

Alaska Sucks is a nod to the singers soulmate as they both shared an interest in visiting Alaska and made it a goal to do it together but instead it never happened, it is also a play in the soulmates name as her initial are A.S.

We end the EP with the charismatic song “Can’t Comprehend”, a song with Nirvana and Weezer mixtures. Its powerful chorus will make you wanna jump and shout, and the breakdown delivers a nasty drum playing. Way to go! Lyrically is a breakdown of how people’s mental health just worsened as time stuck in a room killed your social skills, to the point where going outside or doing anything with anyone else was just too difficult.

The track ends up the EP with a simple, crunchy bass line that fades out, leaving us wanting to hear the whole thing all over again. I’m sure you’ll find appealing each track for they hold a certain kind of magic and vulnerability in them. So, go ahead and LISTEN NOW!

This E.P. a prime example of the indie scene here in California from the GARAGE Skate style in Alaska Sucks to the Indie Pop style in Tired Of Trying the music embodies our scene here. The energy I tried to capture from our crazy packed live shows and tried to put it into our recordings!


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