7000apart “Whole Lot Left to Lose”

Do you ever feel like you wish to change your brain for something that doesn’t make your life so unnecessarily difficult? It just keeps feeding you with anxiety, insecurity, depression and restlessness, and god would it feel great to just be able to switch it off for a good night sleep. To be honest, I have found a way to do it, and it’s by listening to music. For example this new single by 7000apart, which happens to touch the very topics I just described!

7000apart is a duo of husband and wife, and it began as an international duo – 7000 was a reference to the distance in kilometers between the two. Since then, the duo moved together, got married and have now released a bunch of music and won some prestigious awards for their works. Weaving what is some splendid pop music full of freshness and a touch of great pop hits, their music becomes the perfect stage for all the duo have to say. For instance last month saw the release of their last single “No Is a Nice Word“, which concentrated on how important it is to set boundaries in a relationship.

The duo is back with a delightful short message on mental health struggles. Looking into the mind of an anxiety-riddled restless person, the single “Whole Lot Left to Lose” serves as both an “I am not the only one like this” kind of relieving message, as well as an important reminder about anxiety-inducing things that exist only in the person’s head. Incorporating a soft whistle line with lyrics that speak of things as they are, the single is catchy and a breath of fresh air, much needed for someone trapped in their thoughts.

“Whole Lot Left to Lose” is OUT NOW!!!

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