Near Death Experience (NDX) – “Living”

This is a perfect, sizzling-hot summer track. “Living” will crack a smile in your face with its warm melodies and jumpy groove. A great retro-sounding song with lots of good vibes! LISTEN NOW!

Hello everybody! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a great, great track for all of you retro music lovers. With a positive attitude, this single yo-yos like an emotional rollercoaster capturing the excitement and uncertainty of living and loving when the heat is on! First of all, I hope you’re all well, happy, and ready for this brand new week. Onto the track!

Near Death Experience (NDX) is four-piece band from Ealing, London formed in 2016. Since playing Glastonbury in 2017, they’ve gained a reputation for powerful, emotive live performances and a “shimmering psyche-tinged rock’n’ soul” sound. You can check their previous articles Underground and Found!

Their new single, “Living” is a fantastic and fun track that sees life through a joyful eye. Mixing swinging drums, grooving bass, and Beach Rock-like guitars, NDX has delivered an exciting track with soulful vocals reminiscent of the 60’s.

Ian ‘Lightning’ Whiteling’s vocals shine with graceful highs and lows and layered do-wop harmonies while Bill ‘The Professor’ Mar-ten hits the keys of an encircling organ. Amar ‘The Groovemeister’ Grover on bass and Alan ‘The Milkman’ Perkins on drums and percussion rack up their accolades with a playful beat and skillful harmony.

A perfect sing/clap along makes a stand in the chorus, right before the modulating bridge comes along and transports us into the euphoric trademark guitar solo from The Prof. A slow burning crescendo makes its way to the final chorus with Ian’s rising and cathartic vocals on the lead. Masterfully crafted, “Living” invites us to stay and play it again!

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