Xoe-B “Valentine (You Can’t Have Me)”

There is nothing that’s much worse for a single young person than a family get-together. Hours of getting pried on by your older family members combined with the pressure of friends finding their partners, the internal turmoil that builds up could explode in a few different ways, but in the case of Xoe-B, it becomes the driving energy of a dancy anthem of an independent young woman!

Sparking from anger-infused youthful energy, the British singer-songwriter’s new song is aptly titled “Valentine (You Can’t Have Me)”, boldly underlining the artist’s opinion on forced-on LoveLife and dating. The single bops with piano-driven choruses and undying spirit like a true dancefloor anthem from the 90s, its catchy beat finding listeners nodding their heads right from the start. Xoe-B’s bold voice heightens the spirit of independence and sass of a woman sick of being expected to find love and have kids. Inspiring to enjoy your life the way you want to, “Valentine (You Can’t Have Me)” is a welcome song for anyone who needs to be reminded they’re in control of their own life!

“I started writing Valentine (You Can’t Have Me) around Christmas time after the big family get together, was being pestered about “have you got a boyfriend yet” and “you need to hurry up get married and have kids, no one is getting any younger” and honestly, it’s THE MOST FRUSTRATING conversation ever! I’ve been hurt a few too many times and needed time to heal but no one seems to understand that so I put all my frustrations into this track. It took a couple of months to actually finish, I’d add random lines when they came to my head, whether that be in the middle of the night, after a conversation, or after being hit on a million times at a gig.”


Dancy club anthems is definitely Xoe-B’s line, even if she dreamed of becoming a dancer instead as a child. Cherishing songwriting as a means of honest self-expression, Xoe-B creates music that’s loaded with everything from dancy vibes to emotionally charged chillness, and straightforward lyrics, inspired by the artist’s colorful personality and her experiences. 90s dance anthems, which inspired this new single, are at a particularly dear spot for her right now.

“Being in a 90s functions band has me listening to 90s club and dance music on an almost daily basis so it’s safe to say the vibe of that fit this track perfectly. I reached out to Victor Grey (producer), we met over Instagram, and we started chatting about what our niches were and we clicked right away. On his bucket list was to produce a 90s club inspired tune so as soon as I mentioned the vibe, BAM we go right to it! We are both perfectionists too and pushed each other to do better and it seriously shows in our creation. We are both super proud of it.”


“Valentine (You Can’t Have Me)” has been out spitting cold hard facts since September 2nd!

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  1. Great piece chief! Totally reminds me of the angsty but dance beat stuff from the 90s like you were saying. Can’t wait to play it at my next family gathering lol

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