Eve Whelan “Wasted Youth”

When people think of lockdowns, they mostly think about working people not being able to live their lives the way they’ve become accustomed to. Less attention was given to studying people – the school-age kids, teenagers and uni students who all got slapped with strict limits and online classes. The social side of everything has been trimmed to nearly zero, and social side is exactly what people need, particularly young ones longing to explore everything. So, there is now a bunch of people who feel like their youth has become wasted away, and Eve Whelan is one of them.

Hailing from Clonmel, Eve Whelan is a young bright-eyed Irish singer-songwriter. Her debut was last year with an EP that introduced people to Eve’s soft and minimalistic indie songwriter sound. Embracing power in simplicity, she has managed to make all parts of her music shine from the moody guitar melodies to her emotionally charged voice.

Eve’s newest single was written last year, when she left home to begin college. Getting further and further stressed by being far from home and living outside of the city, as well as covid restrictions that minimized all social events to a zero, the then-19-year-old woman felt like she’s unable to experience things as a youthful person away from home. So, she wrote “Wasted Youth” as a way to express all those frustrating thoughts.

The longing guitar-driven indie ballad walks the path lined with deep disappointment, stress and crushed expectations. Going out with friends have been replaced with slow quietness, and her vocals emphasize the heavy emotions with incredible clarity. The thought of even making new friends now overshadowed by the fear of an illness, it’s a frustrating time to be a young person in, and Eve Whelan’s single offers sympathy for all other studying and working young people who long for stress-free social life.

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