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Loneliness can have different effects on each of us. For singer-songwriter Alba James, it had an effect of producing a wonderful, awe inspiring EP. Bedroom Walls is an intimate exploration of loneliness, depression and derealization. Produced almost entirely in Alba James’ bedroom, it offers a unique way of observations of life with an exclusive sound in which make us realize the walls that surround us, and finally tears them down.

Alba James started playing punk rock before transitioning into a blend of folk and rock, for which she approaches through a different lens inspired by the likes of dodie, Pomme, Sufjan Stevens and Laura Marling. She expresses herself through a minimalistic approach in composition, instrumentation and recording. But once we think we know what she is all about, she surprises us with twist and turns by introducing complex vocal harmonies and non-conventional production techniques. In this way, her music represents the flow of thoughts, feelings and ideas that occur on our minds: a free, ever expanding and expressive sound. This is clear in her debut album Bedroom Walls. Even though it was recorded inside the walls of the bedroom that the album describes and touches upon themes of depression and alienation, its open soundscape tear them down and remind us there is something outside the room we are in.

The six tracks featured on Bedroom Walls vary in length, themes and instrumentation. But they seem to be centered around one specific space: a bedroom. They all share the same sense of intimacy and emotional power. While some tracks last merely seconds, they carry a punch of emotion and talent that proves that we don’t necessarily need something overtly long to say something impactful. Such is the case with “Pass” in which Alba James uses just her ukelele (her favorite instrument) and voice to move us in powerful ways. Other tracks, such as “Walls“, “Lighter than Snow” and “Tired” expand the instrumentation to include strings and backing vocals. These additions open the soundscape while maintaining a sense of intimacy throughout. The marvelous vocal harmonies that give each track a polyphonic touch, reminding us that we are never truly alone. But alongside these tracks, Alba James introduces an experimental touch with “Sllaw” and “That Special Place”. “Sllaw” is an reverse rendition of a fragment of “Walls” that gives us a sense of strangeness and introduces what we thought we knew in a new light, while “That Special Place” takes spoken word and overlaps each sentence accompanied with a piano, giving each letter, each phoneme a special rhythm that drives the track forward.

Bedroom Walls by Alba James is a short EP with a wide arrange of ideas and emotions. An exploration of intimacy, depression and derealization with a touch of experimentation. Alba James creates a special soundscape that explores, making us think of a physical manifestation of the emotions she explores in the album that takes the shape of a bedroom in our minds, a flow of consciousness rarely seen in music.

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