Benedicta Syran “Let Me Be”

As the new schoolyear began, the memories of getting crudely tested return as well. It wasn’t the endless Math tests and essays on books I didn’t find time to read, but rather people trying to bend me to their will in all sorts of ways imaginable. And so, I am pleased to introduce Benedicta Syran, who has a lovely message for all schoolgoers out there, all packed nicely into a song named “Let Me Be“.

Benedicta Syran is a fresh bright-eyed singer-songwriter with Norwegian-Swiss nationality and a bubbling love for music. The latter of which has followed her since forever, inspiring and impressing with melodies, lyrics and compositions. Now, an artist herself, Benedicta has found herself a platform to inspire others, and that is what she’s aiming to do with “Let Me Be”, the debut single.

As the name suggests, “Let Me Be” is a brave-chested song that seeks to push aside all those that try to steer it off the path and bend to their will. Filled to the brim with nearly festive melodies, the single comes across as a blast of positivity and determination, visualizing the joy and happiness of being independent and pleased with yourself. Also acting as a constant reminder when facing the new and unknown – “keep my head high” and “The only person who can stop me is me”, this single is set to empower its listeners with a huge amount of confidence. A wonderful song for all the anxious people on the doorstep to new unforeseen things.

There’s also an acoustic version of “Let Me Be” available for all those who love the unplugged sound.

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