Mark Wink “In a Dream”

Welcome to the future! As you’re surrounded by shiny white plastic, clean surfaces, well-filtered air and tingling static electricity, you’ll soon notice the sterile state of those humanoid bots walking around. They’re all high-tech and walking swiftly like the biological humans they were engineered to resemble. However, there’s something that has been long suppressed. And when the music starts playing, alerting the bots’ senses, this something raises its head.

This story is brought to you by Mark Wink, the electronic music alias of Mark Winkler. The Austrian-born man is very interested in all things digital to the point he’s been working with major tech companies. There’s also the undying flame of creativity burning – Mark spent his childhood drawing, writing, performing theatrical pieces and dreaming big about studying film. Now, Mark Wink hails from his personal little home studio, a place where his bold futuristic synthwave sound evolves.

Mark Wink’s newest release takes us to the world of future populated by humanoid bots. As they do their daily work duties with precision, the robots don’t seem to have a soul anymore. Or do they?

Titled “In a Dream“, the song builds up a captivating hazy atmosphere, becoming a stage for this sort of a dream-state dance sequence infused with a twinge of anxiety and desire to be a real feeling human again.

The single comes with a music video, which is a short futuristic movie put together by the artist himself. Featuring bots in various shapes and sizes doing things humans once did, like playing chess, the song carries an intoxicating vibe of an awakening, escaping the limitations set by the synthetic world and spinning in the colorful synthwave sound as a free spirit. The dark masked being, who activated the stream in the video, is Mark Wink himself.

“In a Dream” is out now on your favourite platforms!

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