Chip Pirrs an undying hope in “Tønder”

This is Tønder by Chip Pirrs, the name of a Danish town, and the title and theme of this new single! It’s Friday once again, welcome to all people who are waiting for their workday to end! This time let’s take on a journey of love, perseverance, and heartbreak taking place in a location you probably haven’t heard of before.

The upbeat single opens up with bright synth blips filling the atmosphere of undying hope, and Chip’s buoyant voice follows the story of two people trying to save their relationship as best as they could. The couple’s solution is a journey to Tønder to get married there, hoping this will fix everything for them. Featuring fuzzy guitars and layered drums, the heightened feelings of love and anxiety twirl in unison in the hazy soundscapes, much like the two people looking at each other with a desperate desire to stay together, even if it ends with a disaster.

Tønder is a town in southern Denmark. People in Europe specifically in Germany and surrounding countries go there to get married. Think kind of like Las Vegas but with less pizazz. It can be an adventure to travel there and when you get there you have to set up “residency” in the town before you can marry. So, it’s a town full of stories of love and loss.”

Chip Pirrs

Hailing from New York, Chip Pirrs is a producer-songwriter with a diverse sound. For those of you particularly enjoying the textures and lushness of musical sounds, Chip’s music has so much to offer. Ranging from bass-heavy deep ethereal gloom to upbeat, shimmering, awe-inspiring soundscapes, the artist offers intimate explorations drenched in emotions and supported by awesome productions. Refusing to be defined by a single sound, he’s influenced by a variety of genres and builds something new in each song.

“My music is about peeling back layers. It’s about failures and redemption. It’s for the late-nighters up with anxiety thinking about ways to get what they want.”

Chip Pirrs

Tønder” by Chip Pirrs is out now on your favorite platforms!

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