Virginia Marcs – “This Time”

“I don’t need your point of view” is one of the most powerful phrases uttered on the brand-new track titled “This Time” by American singer Virginia Marcs. This new release engulfs us in a dark atmosphere to explore themes of vulnerability and self-reflection to find something truly empowering about ourselves and bring it all out despite what others think. With marvelous vocals, Virginia Marcs’ “This Time” is an anthem of female empowerment that strikes us and inspires us in ways we have never thought someone could.

Virginia Marcs’ sound has been compared to Marissa Nadler, Tori Amos, Daughter and Jeff Buckley. Characteristic of her music alone is her voice which she handles in a virtuosic manner to deliver silk smooth phrasing over an atmospheric backdrop. She instantly calls for our attention with it and strikes us with awe and wonder. “This Time” forms part of Marcs’ upcoming EP Reckoning and serves to establish its tone and themes. Produced by indie-pop producer Katie Buchanan, the EP is about self-discovery and resilience, stated for a 2023 release.

“This Time” started just as those first two chords in a punchy waltz. It was a feeling. Then it came together very quickly in one night. All of a sudden, the words were just there. The song was mainly complete from that first session. I added the outro section of “I don’t have to smile for you … “ etc. when it was time to record the demo. It needed something to connect it to the feeling that my live performances had. I remember an audience member coming up to me after one particular performance of “This Time” for a benefit show to ask “what’s it like to feel that powerful?” It really made me realize I had something here. “This Time” also felt like a natural continuation from where “Silent Hysteria” left off. But instead of staying in that dark and angry space that (my previous record) Climbing the Wall lived in, it shows the journey out of that. All the songs from this EP share self-realization and determination. “This Time” could have stayed in that dark space easily, but then I was like: No, this is not where I am anymore, this emotional space of despair and resentment. I’m ready to move forward. I wanna take it back. So, the song is very snarky and irreverent. It’s got one eyebrow raised the whole time, it’s got its sassy pants on. Then it’s triumphant, like … this is it, this is my time, my body, my heart, my life. And nothing anyone can do or say can take that away from me! –Virginia Marcs

Just as “This Time” starts, we are instantly drawn into its dark and moody atmosphere and intense storytelling. At first, it seems to be a depressing song, but Virginia Marcs is able to give it a twist with just her vocals alone, as they tower over everything else and transform the track into something entirely new, empowering herself and the listener in a way only she is capable of. The introduction of the vocals also transforms the music. While maintaining the same atmosphere, there is something that changes that makes it become empowering, reaching its peak on the outro of the track, where both vocals and music come together to form a completely unmissable experience.

“This Time” by Virginia Marcs is out so waste no more time and LISTEN NOW. It is a track that introduces and excites us for her upcoming EP Reckoning, as it surely sets the bar high already!

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  1. I can totally hear the Tori Amos influence in there and love it. I’m so pleased when you write about artists that have Bandcamp releases that I can add to my wishlist. Cheers, chief

    1. So glad you feel this way, and you know that Bandcamp is if not the best tool/platform for artists to get paid for their art/work is one of the best and I constantly promoting with the artists that still don’t have an account.

    1. Wow, I feel so happy you feel this way, you’re too kind, I appreciate you. And congrats on the single, it’s fantastic, can’t wait to share it. Thank you for the music. All the best!!!

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