Jodré “Conversations”

This Tuesday comes full of tender emotions. Two people have found each other and started a new path together and there isn’t a single moment when the couple doesn’t think about the elevating feeling love has filled them with. Enter the bliss of pure romantic feelings with no start and no end.

Enter the bliss of Jodré’s newest single “Conversations”. This Portuguese singer-songwriter hails from the UK where he lives, and his music is pure soulful r&b vibes, inspired by both the modern hits, the alternative and the classics. Bridging emotional lyrics with evocative deep sound, Jodré speaks of profound human emotions with undefeated simplicity. His newest single takes us to the world seen through the eyes of a person floating along in a new loving relationship.

Swaying guitar melodies with a sweet twang introduce the romantic atmosphere of a man oh so deeply in love with his partner. Ethereal and full of fluttery thoughts, the single walks slowly through its loveful scenes, underlining the strong desire of being as close to the loved one as possible in the flooding chorus asking: “Take me to your heart!” This single also makes a perfect song for couples to slowly dance to, allowing them to slowly sink and get lost in the song’s honeysuckle atmospheres.

Conversations” is out now!

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