Matyascorvinus- “Her Shadow In The Flame”

Today’s featured track takes a dark subject matter and turns it around on its head to transform it into something expressive and beautiful. “Her Shadow In The Flame” by Matyacorvinus shows us that we are able to tell stories without even using words. Inspired by both recent and distant event, this guitar instrumental track focuses on creating a sense of longing, of reflecting the horrors that humans are capable of with such finesse and emotion that shows Matyacorvinus’ ability to create an atmosphere and opening the doors to emotion.

Matyascorvinus had studied guitar almost two decades ago. While he almost forgot how to play the instrument and to read sheet music, he restarted his music career when he started experimenting with the musical capabilities of the ukelele. He started playing short songs on the instrument before he decided to retake the guitar. Matyascorvinus has been influenced by classical music, a style of music that has influenced his playing style: a mixture of technique and emotion that allows the guitar to expand its storytelling abilities. “Her Shadow In The Flame” is inspired by the witch hunts and the unjustified violence against human beings. It started as a cover song that later became its own individual track, like we can hear with “In Solitude”. At first, Matyascorvinus decided to make it a horror song, but later became a song of longing and sadness, about those who have disappeared due to unjust events, events that have been going on even today with the war.

“Her Shadow In The Flame” is an instrumental, minimalistic track that invites us to open our soul into the emotions it conveys. Matyascorvinus expertly uses arpeggios to create a metaphor of violence and the trace it leaves behind: the scars left unto us by the harm aimed towards innocents. The arpeggios change tempo, leaving space for emotion. The breif moments of silence between them leaves us a moment to breathe, to reflect, to remember. In this way Matyascorvinus creates an entire atmosphere that engulfs us in its emotional sphere, where he makes his guitar sing, to express itself and tell us stories.

“Her Shadow In The Flame” by Matyascorvinus proves to be an instrumental track that can express extremely complex ideas and stories. It is an emotional track of those who are not without us anymore, that resonates with recent events. Do not miss it!

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