Big in Borneo – “Sertraline”

Just like an ocean of digital sounds, this EP presents a beautiful and poetic electronic music experience. “Sertraline” is a chemically induced three-track collection, named after the drug, that helped this artist overcome anxiety. LISTEN NOW!

Electronic music lovers don’t wanna miss this EP

It’s no secret that all sorts of chemicals have been used by artists and musicians to potentiate their senses and come up with amazing music throughout time, but it is rare to see a chemical use that’s actually good for the artist’s health… What’s going on guys, it’s your chemistry teacher, MadZen, and today we will go on a journey through automated molecules and rhythmic emotions. Let’s get to it!

Michael Pybus, AKA Big in Borneo, is a musician and recently turned music producer from London, UK. At the start of this year he began to struggle with anxiety and felt a total lack of creativity as a result. After seeking help and getting a prescription for Sertraline, he felt inspired again and started making music. The result is … amazing, and I’ve gotta say guys, I will struggle to express in words what these songs are, as the level of finesse and the swirl of emotions they convey just can’t be written down.

Heavily inspired by producers like Four Tet, Bicep, and TSHA, the songs in Sertraline are what one might describe as minimal, melodic, and ethereal. We begin with track 1, “Your Kiss”. A song about temptations, good and bad. Opening the EP with a beautiful loop of emotional strings and swirling vocals, this song is like a rush of dopamine. Calm, nostalgic, and pure.

You will listen to carefully selected samples of instruments from all over the world; subtle, but necessary, percussive elements; and big, round bass sounds that complete the whole. Ethereal vocals can be found all along the EP, from the female vocals in “Your Kiss”, to the male chants in title track, “Sertraline”.

Moving forward, we encounter with the Four Tet influenced second track “How It Feels”, with chilled drum & bass rhythms, supported by wallowing lush synths and jumping leads. A track that samples a chat between a man and some Belfast kids recorded way back in 1967, talking about their feelings at a time when it wasn’t encouraged as much as it should be. With this track, Pybus intends to take the listener in an emotional journey.

We reach the end with closing track, “Sertraline”, a song that saw its birth right at the time when the chemical started hitting Pybus. It was the first track Pybus made, and now it closes the EP. The most upbeat track of the EP that leads us to the end with a heavy dose of wonder, space, and love. The Alfa and the Omega indeed.

Never be scared to ask for help, and don’t be scared to open up. That’s what I want people to take from this EP” – Big in Borneo

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