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Today’s featured album is the upcoming Fractals by producer Micheal Donoghue. This LP features a collection of nine atmospheric dark tracks that features sounds that take us through a trip of unknown and interesting soundscapes. We get lost in the darkness of their atmosphere as if we were trying to find our way in through an infinite, dark forest. With each track, we discover new vistas in our journey: The album transforms and adapts, varying from high energy to a quasi-zen like state. Micheal Donoghue transforms what we understand as electronic ambient music, presenting an excellent and innovative album.

Micheal Donoghue has been producing music since 2017 inspired by producers such as Wendy Carlos, Jon Hopkins, Kelly Lee Owens and Daniel Avery. Since then, he has constantly been releasing new music. His sound has been characterized by its mystical approach to composition and harmony that allows the listener to get lost into its essence. His previous work, like his debut album Landing and his EP Calm Palm have cemented his reputation in his area as a someone transforming the scene, a reputation furhter proved by the upcoming release of Fractals. Inspired by the infinite repeating patterns that give it its name, the album features experimental compositon techniques that Donoghue presents and develops throughout the album.

There’s an limited edition cassette available to pre-order, get yours ASAP.

Fractals is mainly inspired by my mini obsession with repeating patterns. I’ve got a journal at home where I fill in a few lines for each day of the year over a 5 year period. I’m 4 years into it, and I’ve found that things such as moods, feelings, and even illnesses seem to occur at around the same time every year. I found this quite fascinating and wanted to represent it in some sort of musical way. – Michael Donoghue

Fractals‘ music is mystical. It features darkly dense atmospheres constructed by layering distinct soundscape and repeating sounds on top of each other. By layering each sound, Donoghue is able to completly transform one track from one musical moment to another by introducing a new beat, a new chord or instrument that gives a sense of infinity: The more we immerse ourselve in the music, the more we discover certain fractal patterns. The result is a diversity of tracks. In one moment, we are listening to beat heavy tracks like “Black Tide”, “Apolemia” or “Mantis”, or more meditative as it is the case with “Inner Space”, “Fractals” and “Last Thursdayism”. Michael Donoghue uses part of his large arsenal of sounds that include synths and drummachines in “Apolemia”, the participation of Kiffie for the vocals of “Vertigo” and even the sound of nature in “Magnolia Dusk”. Michael Donoghue makes us realize that his tools, as well as the possibilities of music, are infinite.

There are some themes and subtle motifs that repeat occasionally throughout the LP, and a couple of the tracks are reworks of previous releases, which represents repetition. The inevitability of growing apart from people as you grow older, a friends divorce, and 5am cycles in the winter have also had an influence on the creative process.” Michael Donoghue

Michael Donoghue’s album Fractals makes us ponder about human existence through his use of patterns and harmonies to create magical soundscapes that resemble not only a forest, but also the human mind.


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