Michael Donoghue “Calm Palm EP”

Purple wave of inspiration led onward to create purplish evocative soundscapes. In the middle of it, the silhouette of palm trees growing in the artist’s backyard. The artist is Michael Donoghue and he’s back with a new release. This time it’s an EP, and the aforementioned palm trees give name to its title as well as one of its songs.

As you can probably tell from the blog’s title, the EP’s name is “Calm Palm“, and it brings forth calm atmospheric songs divided into 4 songs and a remix at the end. The instrumental release invitingly opens its doors into immersive serene morning with what feels like bird song and absolutely no wind at all. It’s the title track that paints the image of a dawn so still every sound echoes back from the distant trees. “Calm Palm” also introduces a bit of a contrast with a song that’s following with its evocative moody vastness – “Secrets”. It’s also a very pacific song, but instead of earthly scenes it explores more extraterrestrial spaces.

The tranquil release also has space for percussion-driven songs, namely “Sandworm”, a progressive song that comes loaded with electrifying synths and a dancy beat. That spark of energy carries us on to staying up at “4 A.M.”, a much more muted continuation that still has a beat, but is more subtle and invites to enjoy an evolving journey. The album ends with a remix of “Sandworm” by Cyber Erotic Love Child, offering a psychedelic side to the song along with vocals.

“Last year I hit a bit of a creative wall where I was struggling to find inspiration and fresh ideas. There are some palm trees at the bottom of my garden that I see everyday, so I sat in my studio space one morning and decided to just start composing a track about the palm trees. Calm Palm is the result, and a purple patch of creativity followed suit. Originally Calm Palm was just meant to be a standalone single, but I found that I had enough tracks to build an EP around it. The EP is a blend of electronic styles, and also a mixture of old a new songs, which means that it doesn’t really follow a set theme. (secrets) was composed alongside Calm Palm, Sandworm is an old b-side that I listened to and decided I wanted to rework, and 4 AM was complete a couple of years ago, I just couldn’t find the right time to release it. I’ve been wanting to collaborate with Cyber Erotic Love Child for a while, so I was thrilled that he accepted my invitation to remix Sandworm, and he created such an amazing rework.”

Michael Donoghue

The Jersey-based electronic music producer has previously been featured on the blog with a cosmic journey titled “Landing” and his love-filled beauty called “Universe Eyes“, a song inspired by the eyes of his daughter. Pulling inspirations from little (but really big) moments in life, the man combines them with his musical influences, creating what can best be described as beautiful intricate leftfield electronica with the edge of magic, and an equally present side of rhythmic flow. It would make for a stunning night to hear his music in a proper club setting. What I can say with no hesitation whatsoever is that Michael Donoghue’s music is excellent for listening in the dark on a good soundsystem. It is produced well, comes full of delicate layers and brings out the daydreaming side in the listener – not only a relaxation, but an experience. With the new album he has done it once again!

Michael Donoghue also has a new full-length album on the way, as he shares exciting news for more great music to come:

“Excitingly my second album is around 95% complete, so I’ll be finishing it off in the coming weeks with a view to releasing it in Q4 of this year.”

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