Triple M- “What If You Fly”

There are only a few tracks that are able to convey a sensation of finding ourselves in a specific place and time, and today’s featured single is one of them. Triple M’s “What If You Fly” is a funky low-fi hip-hop track whose eclectic melodies and chords blend together to create a soundscape with a huge sense of dimension. Drawing inspiration from pop, jazz, hip-hop, scratch music, and ambient “What If You Fly” expertly combines various genres that assures that everyone will find something they will love.

Triple M is a multi-genre artist, rapper, producer, singer and songwriter based on Colorado Springs. He has experimented on transmitting raw emotions through his melodic approach to composing that draws the listeners in and traps their attention, as “What If You Fly” proves. His debut single, it promises to be an important single in a music scene.

“What If You Fly” creates a sonic space that transforms and grows more and more elaborate with each passing moments of the track. Starting in a minimalistic, and yet extremely atmospheric scene, the guitars establish a sweet melodic leitmotiv that repeats throughout the track, which creates a sense of nostalgia, like a lingering memory where we slowly begin to remember more details. More instruments join in, amplifying the soundscape with hip-hop sounds such as a scratch table and a synth solo. Thus, the image that was once complete becomes whole and enriched with details, showing Triple M’s talent for details.

“What If You Fly” is out, LISTEN NOW!!!

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