The Brouhaha – “The Brouhaha”

This album is a fantastic collection of Alt-Rock, Noise-Rock, and Post-Punk tracks. Infused with Spanish and Middle-Eastern melodies with all the energy of Ska and Reggae, this London-made album is an exciting and hilarious musical experience that will make you smile. OUT NOW!

Hi guys, it’s me, your favorite writer. Today I’m very excited to write about this album as it is freaking nuts! Brought to us by the UK’s finest purveyors of Anarcho Funk, “The Brouhaha” has no limits, and blasts away with an out-of-the-charts energy. For real guys, this is insane. Let’s get to it!

Arriving on September 24th, this long-awaited album was created from cavernous squat jam sessions. Introducing to… The Brouhaha! A quadruple, vocal-led, Dionysian storm from London, an infusion of raw punk energy, live breaks and hook filled bangers. Some say these guys are the worst of the worst, but man can they make music.

Four of the most wretched, smug and off-putting people you’d ever be sorry to see. These vulgar and vile vermin got together and had the audacity to start a band – bunch of lowlife wasters. They think they’re really good but of course they would. Nobody else should like The Brouhaha but check ’em out and see for yourself.

The way these guys approach guitar riffs is just insane, nothing like it. Wailing, high-screeching melodies supported by a furious drum beat and a savage bass. I mean, this is serious musicianship taken to another level. WTF! The Brouhaha brings their joint loves of partying, hedonism, music and anger together to explore their shared versions of reality.

The album contains Ska, Funk, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Spanish melodies, Oriental melodies, amazing chants, stupefying riffs, ground shaking rhythms, tribal drums, menacing lyrics, and a sarcastic sense of humor like no one else.

It starts like a no stopping freight-train, all the way from “Get Out Of The Way” to “My Way”. You will find hilarious tracks like “Only Friends”, and “Hate My Job”. Immense sounding tracks like “Play it Again” and “Wut R U Saying”, and songs like “Fear No Evil” and “Kill Time” that will delight you with their offbeat grooves.

The Brouhaha definitely left the best for last with title track “The Brouhaha”, I mean, oh my god, what a song! It starts so beautiful with a crispy, tight, clean guitar and it unexpectedly turns into a heavy-riffed song with an amazing sounding bass and crazy vocal performance. Definitely my favorite.

The album was recorded at Shrunken Head Studios in Nunhead by the venerable Al Shrunken Head, and mixed and produced by The Brouhaha themselves.

Trust me guys, you deserve to hear this one.


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