Yoyo Nagase- “i don’t care.”

Today’s featured single is a chill track that blends jazz and pop to tackle themes as identity and mental health. “i don’t care.” features a collaboration of four artists led by Yoyo Nagase. Their styles blend together to offer a sweet and catchy multigenre track that aims to lift our spirits.

Yoyo Nagase’s music career can be described as a way of reflecting of his Asian identity. His father is from Toyama, a small prefecture in Japan and his mother is from Taipei, Taiwan. He started writing music during the pandemic as a way of expressing his feelings. Being based in New York, he began composing songs in Western-style pop with a touch of Asian music theory mixed in between. However, as Yoyo Nagase began participating in the industry more frequently, he realized that there existed an underrepresentation of Asian vocies in pop. “i don’t care.” combats this issue by bringing together four artists from different genres and from Asian origin: Yoyo Nagase, Pluto Koi (Phillipines), pretty havoc (Singapore) and a kid named rufus (Malaysia). Each one of them brings something fresh to the track in new and interesting ways. “i don’t care.” was recorded on Penthouse Recording Studios in New York alongside producer Axel Hejslberg and mastered by Matthew Wolk. The track features a saxophone solo by Alex Bone.

For the question: What should they expect from your music?
Thats a great question! The listener should expect to be transported across genres from indie pop to bedroom pop, to alternative with a beautiful layering of saxophone and ukelele at the end. Hopefully, the listener will be able to feel relaxed and leave behind the stresses of everyday life. -Yoyo Nagase

i don’t care.” begins with a blend of jazz and pop that instantly catches our attention with its chill chords and sweet melody. It makes us recall sunny days when we were not obligated to do anything at all. Will they ever come back? With the beginning of electric guitar and trumpet and jumpy beat. Each of the four artists in the track expertly carry this mood seamlessly, as their voices combine and jump from one another, as if they were transforming, achieving a stream of consciousness between the four voices. They maintain the main musical ideas of each verse, but make sure to give it their own personal touch. The closing moments of the track feature a saxophone solo over the chorus, expertly concluding the track at its highest point.

i don’t care.” is a colaborative track led by Yoyo Nagase that you should definitely not miss out! Available now in streaming platforms, give it a listen!

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