Sam Feinstein- “Chasing the Bull”

Today’s featured single is a hard-hitting satire of epic proportions. Sam Feinstein’s “Chasing the Bull” focuses on the prominent crypto and NFT scams that have become even more common since 2020. Feinstein focuses on the get rich quick narrative they manage with his characteristic wit and sense of humor by personifying a two-faced scam artist trying to get the listener to buy into their latest crypto currency, all against a backdrop of funky jazz!

Sam Feinstein is an American singer-songwriter based on California. Musically he has performed in bands of various genres such as ska, klezmer, blues-rock, pop punk, indie rock, and jazz. His music strives to mix and match all of them, which guarantees a personal and extremely creative style. His songs are inspired by the likes of the villains in musicals and movies, like “Be Prepared” in The Lion King and “Oogie Boogie Man” from A Nightmare Before Christmas. As such, Feinstein voice seems right at home. Raspy and low, he experiments with it in a extreme degree, pushing it to the max, Tom Waits style, as we can hear in “Chasing the Bull” with the sudden changes of range and vocal sound effects.

I work in tech (audio-software) in Silicon Valley. As a result, I meet a lot of “Crypto Bros” that are willing to invest in anything from Floki-Inu to Squid-Coin, and will pitch these “opportunities” to anyone willing to listen. I’ve always had morbid fascination with cults and pyramid-schemes, so these pitches sounded very familiar to me. “Chasing the Bull” is more or less a compilation of every crypto-coin, NFT or investing course someone pitched to me. The first verse is a specific reference to the idea of buying online-courses in investing. There’s a saying that the people who profited from the gold-rush of 1849 weren’t the miners, but rather the people selling them their shovels, selling them the dream of being rich. -Sam Feinstein

“Chasing the Bull” starts with an invitation that slowly draws us closer and closer to madness itself. Feinstein’s voice and characteristic music draws us in like the pitch of his character. Later, while the track continues, his once coherent speech loses all meaning and becomes rambling and vocal sound effects, representing the scams Feinstein criticizes. This occurs also in the music. While the song starts with an established rhythm and harmonic patterns, the track begins deconstructing itself with each passing chord. By the end of the track, we feel as if every instrument has gone wild and taken their own path. Solos fill our eardrums in an exciting manner.

“Chasing the Bull” is musical satire done right. Sam Feinstein constructs a track full of powerful observations in the lyrics and music. If you want to experience the track yourself, make sure to check out the presave in the following link!

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