Madison Davenport cheerful dancy pop “Oh Shit!”

Madison Davenport’s new track, you won’t stop listening to, earworm alert. You know a lovely person, who you have the fortune to call your best friend. Literally, anything is wonderful when done together with that person, and there is never a day you felt like not meeting up with them. Trying to remain cool, you’ve left any romantic inklings out of this play, except… Oh no, you’re lovestruck!


For the LA-based solo artist Madison Davenport, this is the reality she’s currently living in. The youthful person is not only a musician, but also an actress, starring in a variety of shows like Black Mirror, Shameless, and Reprisal among others, and music has become the way to express herself and everything that’s going on around her. The debut single “Monsters” showed Madison’s emotionally heavy cinematic side, and the powerful pop ballad now finds a solid counterweight in the new song “Oh Shit!“.

Sparking with an endless charge of energy, “Oh Shit!” is a wholly cheerful dancy pop tune living off the awesome yet rather horrifying realization that you’ve fallen in love despite all you’ve done to keep that cool friend state. It’s a wholesome high school love story song with no room for any kind of doubt whatsoever, running on a current of energized percussion, synths, and guitars rocking and blasting the message at full volume.

“So, I became friends with someone, we had a lot of chemistry but tried to keep things “just friends”. We spent all our time together and seriously became best friends (with an underlying air of major attraction). One day I decided to go 20-30mins out of my way to get donuts for them, and on the ride to their place I looked over at those donuts and had that wonderful/terrifying realization “Oh Shit… I really really like this person.” I got the inspiration bug and started making voice notes, and by the time I reached their house I had fully written “Oh Shit!”.”

Madison Davenport

Music is the gateway of connecting with listeners for Madison Davenport, but not only. She finds music seeping into practically everything she’s doing, including defining the characters she plays as an actress:

“My journey into music has been a crazy ride! I’ve always been obsessed with the power of music; I even make playlists for every character I’ve played on film and TV. My goal in Music is to write about my experiences and life and hopefully reach an audience/community that can relate! I wanna be the person you come to when you need to cry, laugh, dance, feel powerful and when you need to feel heard!”

Madison Davenport

“Oh Shit!” is out now, listen to it right away!

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