Laurelight-“Open Your Eyes”

Today’s featured single is about finding hope in hopeless time, light in darkness. “Open Your Eyes” by Laurelight is an elegant track that lifts our spirits expanding into new territory with its alt-pop style. Smooth and catchy, it features deep thought-provoking lyrics for that make us think about the nature of hope and happiness during the times where it seems we need it the most.

Laurelight is an up-and-coming Italian artist that has experimented in various genres which include nu-disco and R&B. He is specially known for his unique voice that is able to create a seemingly uninterrupted flow of music and words that become one with his technical and musical talent. “Open Your Eyes” marks a new era for the artist, as he opens his borders to include new territory that he expertly masters and controls. Balancing the lyrical with the musical and the emotional, this new step for Laurelight without a doubt is an exciting journey we are sure we will follow!

“Open Your Eyes” is an alt pop anthem, with singalong epic chorus, funky guitars and hook synth patterns. Written a few years ago, it’s a song about finding inner light in the darkest times! First time listeners, what should you expect? Open your eyes is a song for those about to groove, so fasten your seatbelt as the 30th September is getting closer! –Laurelight

“Open Your Eyes” features a groovy beat in which guitars and synths are an essential part. Its themes are first stated through the music and lyrics, as Laurelight sings about finding ourselves surrounded in dark times. However, he is able to instantly turn the tides around and present us with a hopeful way out. The music brings itself to its full power with the hand of Laurelight’s voice: We are able to detect every intonation, every emotional beat as it brings the track together through his expert delivery. The chorus brings the track to its highest peak. We suddenly find ourselves singing alongside him, just as the track closes with its epic conclusion.

“Open Your Eyes” is out you can PRESS PLAY NOW!!! Laurelight is a master of creating tracks that stay with you even after they are over and also of delivering sensations through his voice.

To celebrate the release of the track, Laurelight will be touring in London on 29/09, 30/09 and 01/10, so make sure to follow him for more details and to not miss out an excellent gig!

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