The Baker’s Basement “Wild Wild Sheep”

Feeling like dreaming? Well, there’s a fresh collection of memories, dreams and places told by 13 small songs. This group of colorful songs invite you to join for a journey through time and locations like Wild Wild Sheep. This is The Baker’s Basement, and they have a new album out!

These Wild Wild Sheep have been floating around our world for a couple years now. In fact, they’ve probably been floating around a lot longer, just waiting to be set free with musical wings. In a certain way, the song “Wild Wild Sheep” is an embodiment of our process and creative spirit. 

Adam Grindler – The Baker’s Basement

The album, titled “Wild Wild Sheep“, is the fourth full-length release for this Cleveland-based duo. Bridging the rather unique combination of hiphop and folk along with numerous other genre influences and a nearly visual way of making music, The Baker’s Basement have a knack for creating illustrative songs with poetic lyrics and creativity-inducing instrumentals. “Wild Wild Sheep” is exactly that with its collection of places lost in time and space, joined together by the flock of wandering wild sheep.

And because this album is filled with places, both real and fantastical—places visited, and places only imagined—we decided the spirit of the sheep was fitting for the whole collection. And so, we gave the album the name “Wild Wild Sheep.”

Adam Grindler – The Baker’s Basement

Every song of the album comes across as an own little universe with a different set of instruments descriptively telling the song’s story. The lyrics, described by the artist as “paint”, that offers people a tangible way to see and feel what’s happening in the story, are conversational and easy-going, yet strongly illustrative as if they’re coming from a book made by a particularly poetic writer. And while The Baker’s Basement really love lyrics for all they offer in music, this album has plenty of instrumental songs which let melodies, textures and percussive elements tell the story instead.

Sometimes, it feels like the best way to comment on the big topics is to limit it to the tiniest of lenses. Anyway! We often like to say that we make small songs.

Adam Grindler – The Baker’s Basement

Full of cozy intimacy akin to taking on the day on your own terms, “Wild Wild Sheep” is a wandering journey for all who need to take some time off and re-establish their connection with the wondering and colorful side of life.

“Wild Wild Sheep” is out so Press Play Now!!!

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